Patrice Piard

kroma-PatricePiard Patrice Piard was born in Camp-Perrin, a small town of the south of Haiti in 1947. He became a well-known artist after he came to the United States in 1983. Piard had participated in many big Haitian Art and Art expositions throughout the U.S, France, and Canada. His Haitian Art paintings reflect the vivid colors of his native Haiti. He uses an outstanding imagination to create in his own style, and the different scenes in Haitian culture. Haitian Art of Patrice Piard is distinguishable through its simplicity and distinct color orientation.

Along with the vivid beauty and color, his Haitian Art paintings often reflect his knowledge of building design, a discipline in which he acquired a bachelor's degree in Haiti. He uses his storehouse of memories to recreate life in Haiti with painstaking accuracy and a great deal of national pride.

“I don’t want to paint any mistaken ideas of Haiti; I don’t want anyone to misunderstand” –
Patrice Piard


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