Betty Wright

kroma-bettywright Betty Wright, a Miami native, is most noted for her accomplished career as a multi-Grammy Award winning recording artist. Her reach spans across the globe and has the compelling ability to connect with diverse audiences. However, the original queen of Miami Spice puts a unique twist on creative expression through whirlwinds of painted canvas.

Ms. Wright’s art is about more than just colors and style. “It’s one thing to hear her voice through song, but to grasp a visual of her perfect harmonies and see her heart felt colors blend, is a revelation in itself. Each work evokes a feeling of privilege and poverty, sun and rain.

Ms. Wright’s artistic pieces resonate like the opening of the window of purpose. However, she smiles and leans forward as she insists, “Betty Wright fans need not worry!” There will be no abandoning of her music, nor poetry, nor dance, nor preaching. As she touches each piece, through words, sound and color, art is simply an expansion of the legend that is Betty Wright and there is an air of expectancy.


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