Opening Reception: “Spirit Calling–Healing Answers” Exhibition

Sacred Healing Invitation 1 EDITED


                                    FEATURED ARTIST: DONALD MCKNIGHT

Donald McNight                                                                                                        



Starting at the age of 14, I’ve been making art. This seemed to come naturally although I had some training while in High school, I did receive supplementary training from some summer workshops and an introductory correspondence course in art and advertising. This was followed by two years of painting classes at the University of Miami. The idea of pursuing art as an occupation was put on hold for several years as I was unsure about my goals, following several unsuccessful forays into the fine arts market .My reentry into the field of art successfully came about with employment with Metro-Dade Zoological Design Team. I was employed as an Exhibit Designer. This position required me to design and construct individual exhibit displays at the zoo. This consisted of conception renderings; scale models cost estimation and the final construction of the exhibit. This job lasted, six years. Because of my success on this project I was offered a position at Walt Disney world in Orlando as a designer specialist. This was for the EPGOT project.’ -This position allowed me to broaden my artistic skills

Experimentation with assorted materials and mediums, some in combinations to create an image that is unique and visually stimulating is my primary objective in art. To start with a blank surface such as canvass or paper is normal for most artists, but to extend that to other assorted materials such as plastics ,stone, tiles etc., is to open a new world of illusions that ends with unique images and surfaces that gives the viewer a visual stimulation as well as a mental pause. I try to give the viewer something to see that is not apparent on the first viewing, but grows on you the more you view the image. Images created through experimenting with various materials and techniques usually end up being more visually pleasing than those created using the established methods, materials and mediums. The image created is not the primary importance but it is part of the equation for a completed piece of artwork.





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